Path To Positivity 5K Fun Run and Walk 2024

Registration & LocationDowntown-Behind Railroad Station Antiques on Monroe Street Huntsville, AL US 35806 Saturday Sept. 7, 2024 @ 8:00AM Register NowRace FlyerAbout the RacePath To Positivity is a major 5K race…

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middle-aged woman with cup of coffee smiling

Fostering Resilience: Strategies for Bouncing Back from a Midlife Crisis

As we approach our middle years, it’s not uncommon to feel a sense of uncertainty about our lives. We may start to question the choices we’ve made, feel unfulfilled in our jobs or relationships, and…

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Man sitting on bench with head in hands

Life Changes Happen, It’s How You Navigate Them That Matters

We all have changes that happen at some point throughout our lifetimes. This might be something as simple as graduating high school and going off to college, or it could be a tragic event, such as the loss of a spouse.…

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Photo of a woman taking notes

Taking Charge of Your Wellness: A Guide to Being Your Own Health Advocate

The modern healthcare landscape can be complicated, making it essential for individuals to be active participants in their own care. Self-advocacy in healthcare doesn’t just improve your experience during doctor…

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Photo of a woman smiling on a couch

The Unseen Pillar of Addiction Recovery: A Supportive Living Environment

The process of recovering from addiction is multifaceted, involving medical treatment, therapy, and often, deep personal reflection. But the space where this healing takes place—both emotionally and physically—can be a…

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