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Positivity is a nonprofit organization that focuses on supporting the community through free mental health services and scholarships. Our nation is facing a new public health threat. Accelerated but not solely caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, feelings of anxiety and depression have grown to levels where virtually no one can ignore what is happening. 90% of Americans feel we are in a mental health crisis.

A report in the JAMA Health Forum has noted that 38% more people are in mental health care since the onset of the pandemic than before. An unprecedented White House report from earlier this year begins, “Our nation is facing a mental health crisis among people of all ages, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only made these problems worse.”

Positivity knows that three unique crises must be evaluated: There is the youth mental health crisis, a crisis around serious mental illnesses contributing to homelessness, and incarceration and there is an ongoing substance use and addiction crisis. These three crises are very concerning, but we have solutions to resolve each of them if we have the resources and support.

Path To Positivity 5K Run/Walk

Path To Positivity is a major 5K race that shines a light on mental health. During and after COVID-19 many individuals suffered from Depression and Anxiety and the number of suicides has significantly increased. The goal for this race is to focus on the importance of mental health and self-care. The proceeds will go towards free mental health services and scholarships for students majoring in the mental health field.

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Path To Positivity 5K Fun Run and Walk 2024

Path To Positivity is a major 5K race that shines a light on mental health. Join us on Saturday, Sept 21st in Huntsville, AL.

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